Track Team Decoration Ideas

By Holly Huntington

The 200-meter dash, the 1-mile run, relays and hurdles are track team events that require runners to be diligent and disciplined physically in order to win. Highlight that fact in your track team decorating ideas, applauding your team's past achievements while motivating them to keep running to win. And do it creatively, with unusual track decorations.

Dash Hall of Fame

Track team participants in the track dash event -- whether 55-, 200- or 400-meter -- will enjoy fans seeing decorations that highlight their particular contributions to the track running team. Make a "Dash Hall of Fame" wall decoration using photos of the dash team members in action on the track field during past competitions. Attach sheets with their winning stats displayed beneath each frame. Surround the entire collage of photos on the portable board (for outdoor or indoor use) with ribbon emblazoned with the names of all the dash types participated in by your school: 200 dash, 400 dash, etc. Place portable boards near fan seating and at meet snack areas, so spectators can bone up on each runners accomplishments as they wait for the meet to begin.

Runner Recognition

Fans of the track runners -- like the 1-mile runner -- recognize that your team runners have to cultivate endurance more than anything in this track event. Decorate the outdoor track meet field for home events with photos of your runners affixed to the top of long wooden sticks with a photo on each side. Place the sticks into the ground, an equal distance apart, around the outer perimeter of the track and turned to feature one photo to the bleacher seating and the other stick's side photo toward the runners. Wrap team-colored ribbon down the length of the sticks. Remove after that track event for storage until the next home meet.

Relay Handouts

It is all about teamwork when track participants run the relay, so make the decorations off the field a mirror image. Create a moving decoration by designing sheets of paper with the names of all your relay team members -- and their stats to date -- and roll them up. Tie them off with team-colored ribbon. Have each member of the relay team hand them out to the fan in each row on the end of the bleachers nearest them before the meet. Relay team members should pass out as many as there are people down that bleacher length, with other team members doing likewise. Ask the bleacher fans to "relay" the handout.

Hurdle Signs

Use extra hurdles to decorate your track meet. Make team spirit signs with poster board or heavy paper, promoting your dash, running, relay and hurdle event team members. Use one sign to show off the team's ranking. Feature the team's historical accomplishments on another sign. Plaster a team outfit on another hurdle board sign (minus names or numbers) and highlight a photo of a different hurdle team member next to it on the board, for each meet.


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