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How to Tighten Hockey Skate Blades

By Contributor

Loose hockey skate blades may be tightened but not all skates are the same. Loose rivets may damage the skate boot and blade carrier and cause abnormal strain on the skate. Protruding rivets need replacing. If there are no visible screws at the chassis, look under the insole at the heel. If there is a plastic plug, you're in business. Tighten your hockey skate blades for optimal performance on the ice.

Use either a wrench or screwdriver to tighten loose carrier rivets. You'll know the rivets are loose when the hockey skate blades are not sharp and cause the carrier rivets to twist. Some hockey skate models require access from inside the boot.

Turn the bolts inside the carrier to replace the entire holder. To ensure tension on the blade screws, use a drop of removable lock-tight adhesive on the nut. Non-removable adhesive makes it difficult to remove the nut for maintenance. Some blade mountings are equipped with more screw holes than necessary to firmly attach a blade. A typical skate toe plate has four or five screws and the heel may have three holes. If a hole in the base of a skate has no screw, this may be an indication that one is missing and must be replaced.

Align the screw holes with an awl, a dowel or narrow rod. Once aligned, replace the screws and tighten. Over-tightening bolts may cause the carrier to crack, damaging the skate.

Use a wrench to loosen the bolts and install the new blade if the hockey skates have replaceable blades. Use channel locks to hold one end of the bolt and use a wrench to loosen or tighten the nut end.

Take your ice hockey skates to a professional. If you aren't confident in your skills or are having trouble, take your skate's to be aligned by professional service personnel or technician.

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