How to Tie Tae Kwon Do Belt

By Mary Ylisela

Tae Kwon Do is a type of martial arts that uses the hands and feet rather then weapons. When learning and mastering the art of Tae Kwon Do, you wear Tae Kwon Do pants and shirt, plus a colored belt that signifies your level of achievement and mastery in the martial art. There is a correct way in which to wear your Tae Kwon Do uniform and belt. Once you learn how to tie your Tae Kwon Do belt the process will become easier as you practice.

Hold your belt so the center of the belt is placed directly over your belly button. The end of the belt with tape wrapped around it should be at your right side.

Wrap both sides of the belt around your back and bring them around to the front. As you go around, tuck the end coming around your right side completely underneath the end of the belt wrapping around from your left, so the two layers are one on top of another. Ensure you've tucked the right half of the belt under the left half all the way around the back and sides.

Grasp the belt end that's on top, which would now be on your right side. Bring it down over the outside of the rest of the belt, then tuck it under both layers and pull it up and through.

Bring the top portion of the belt over the bottom end portion and tuck the end into the hole or loop you've just created. Pull the ends to create your knot.

Fold the end pieces down so they hang down from the knot. If your Tae Kwon Do belt has a stripe on it, the stripe should be visible on the outside when you fold down the ends. If you have a black belt, the writing on the ends of the belt should be visible from the outside with your Tae Kwon Do rank hanging down on the right side and your Tae Kwon Do school's name hanging down on the left side.

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