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How to Tie Suture Knots

By Contributor ; Updated March 16, 2018

After surgery or other medical procedures that include any type of stitching, the doctor must tie a suture knot to seal the wound. A suture knot is similar to a basic square knot, just with different materials. Tying a suture knot is as easy as tying a basic knot.

Insert the thread into one end of the spot needed to suture. Choose a spot about 1/8 inch from the end of the wound and about 1/8 inch from the spot of the wound.

Cross the two sides of the thread over each other until they form a loop. Wrap the short end of the thread around the long end by pulling in under the long end and up through the loop.

Secure the knot by repeating Step 1. Cross the short end of your thread over the long end from right to left.

Make a second loop. Wrap the short end of your suture thread around the long end once again and pull it up through the loop to create a second knot.

Tighten the knot. Even though you have two knots at the end of your suture thread, it is important that these knots are as tight as possible. Pull the ends of your thread as tightly as possible to make sure the sutured knots are secure.

Trim the threads. After you have tied your suture knot, you don’t want the thread to be hanging from the wound.

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