How to Tie a Karate Belt

By Christopher Michael

In 1924, Gichin Funakoshi, attributed as the founder of modern karate, bestowed the first black belts. The karate belt has been a sense of pride ever since, with different colors signifying a student's progress. Treat the belt with respect and tie it properly.

Fist Length Method

Measure in approximately three fist lengths off the right end of your belt. Pin that spot to the wing of your right hip. Wrap the other end of the belt around your waist twice in a clockwise fashion, passing up and over the right-end pinned to your hip. Take the left end of the belt and feed it underneath the twice-wrapped belt at your navel. Take both ends and pull them out in front of you evenly. Tie a simple knot by laying the left end over the right end to create a hole. Take the left end underneath and feed it up through the hole, pulling both ends tight.

Center Body Method

Pull the belt taut, find the center of the belt and pin it to your navel. Wrap both ends in opposite directions around your body. Lay the left side flush on top of the belt at your navel. Run the right end flush over the layered belt and pin it to your body at the navel, creating two dangling ends. Feed the left dangling end underneath all layers of the belt at the navel and pull it through. Pull both dangling pieces out in front of you evenly. Tie a knot. Lay the left side of the belt over the right to create a hole. Take the left end underneath and feed it up through, then pull both ends tight.


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