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How to throw various wiffle ball pitches

By Michael Grisso

One of the most entertaining sports families can enjoy is wiffle ball. Even today there are leagues all around the country for different age groups to experience. If you are looking to learn how to throw various wiffle ball pitches, we've got several you'll be interested to learn.

Three Of The Best Wiffle Ball Pitches

The Ultimate Freeze: When you're trying to throw various wiffle ball pitches, you have to try the ultimate freeze. Turn the wiffle ball upside down so the holes are underneath. After that place your index and middle finger over the top portion of the wiffle ball. When your ready to throw this pitch, whip it around sidearm. To the batter, this pitch looks like it's coming in hard and then all of the sudden it slams on the brakes.

The Astronaut: If you're looking for a wiffle ball pitch that is fun, try the astronaut. Grip this pitch by placing the holes upside down. Hold the thumb over one of the holes and place your pinky, ring and middle fingers over top the wiffle ball. Now launch this wiffle ball in the air. Attempt to make a basket when you're throwing the astronaut. It will come in high with enough backspin to sink right in for a strike. Its the ultimate pop-out pitch.

The Four Ball: Controlling the four ball is a little difficult because of the grip, but once you get it down the action is sick. Various wiffle pitches require a lot of grip from your middle and index finger. With the four ball hold your hand up like your calling out its the fourth quarter in a football game. Grab the wiffle ball and set the holes to the left. You'll be gripping the wiffle ball with your thumb and pushing all four of your fingers together. The rest of the ball sits on the inside of your knuckles for stability. Throw it sidearm and roll the ball off your fingers when released. It will head towards the batter and then break away.

A wiffle ball is difficult to control so be sure to spend some time practicing. First try getting these various wiffle ball pitches over the plate. Once you've mastered that, try throwing them at different release points for different breaking action.

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