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How to throw the shot put (put the shot)

By oneillw

Are you an aspiring shotputter? Have you ever looked at something and wondered how far you can throw it? Are you in the offseason of your sport and need something competitive? Learn to put the shot!

Holding the shot is key. You should rest the shot at the top of your palm, gently on your finger and supporting it with your thumb. The purpose of placing it on your fingers is to receive an extra "spring" when you put the shot.

You then want to push the shot against your neck, under the ear and near the chin. Your arm should be perpendicular to the ground, do not dip it because you do not want to throw the shot like a baseball. Doing so will shred your shoulder.

Then get into your "power position." If you are right-handed, then place your left foot against the front of the ring. Your left foot should be nearly perpendicular to the field. Your right foot is placed near the center of the ring, underneath your right shoulder. Place the bulk of our weight on the right leg.

After you set yourself in the power position, you want to twist your torso to the right. To start the throwing movement, start twisting your right leg toward the field. This will automatically twist your torso back toward the field. When your torso turns into the field, swing your left arm in front of you and pull it back into your chest when it is pointed toward the field. Then push the shot toward the center of the field, first pushing from the legs and the with your arm. You should almost jump out of the ring!

Congratulations, you've just put a shot.

There are two approaches to put the shot. One is the "glide" method and the other is called the "rotation." The glide is much easier to learn, but the rotation is used by most professionals.

For the glide, start at the back of the ring with your feet together. You want to kick back with your left foot, pushing off with your right foot. Land in the power position and follow the same directions as step 5.

The rotation is far more complicated. To be honest, I would strongly suggest you read the "how to throw a discus" for a guide how to throw the rotation.

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