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How to Throw a Roundhouse Punch

By Contributor

The roundhouse punch is a great option when you're facing an opponent who is defending the front of their body well. Because they're focusing on protecting their front, the sides of their body and head are open to a roundhouse from you. Follow these steps to throw a roundhouse punch.

Stand in a relaxed position with your chin tucked in.

Face your target. You must deliver a roundhouse punch at close range, so move in toward your opponent until you are at the appropriate distance.

Punch with your rearward arm. By using the arm that's positioned further back, you'll have a more powerful punch. The arm will travel farther and you can put your hips and shoulder into the punch, too.

Focus on the side of your opponent's temple or the side of their abdomen, near the kidneys, as you punch. Aim with your first two knuckles and concentrate on punching through the target. Use your shoulder and hips to give your additional power as you follow through with the punch.

Curve your punch toward the target--your arm should remain in an arc formation from fist to shoulder. By avoiding a straight on punch, you make it harder for your opponent to block you.

Be prepared for a defensive move from your opponent. Typically, they'll step back while blocking the punch with their arm and pushing your punching arm to the outside. They may continue with a front kick to your midsection or a knee kick to your face.

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