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ThighMaster Exercises

By Karen Dietzius

The ThighMaster is an affordable, portable toning device that allows for upper and lower body toning. Not just for the thighs, it can also firm and tone the buttocks, upper arms and abdominals. Before you begin, be sure to warm up. Keep in mind that each repetition consists of a contraction and a release, and always use resistance on the release. Try to do 20 to 30 minutes per day on the ThighMaster, all at once or break it up throughout the day. Cool down by stretching each muscle you worked.

Inner Thighs

Sit in a chair with your feet placed together. Place the ThighMaster between your knees with the yellow hinge pointing down. Lean forward and holding the ThighMaster in place, squeeze the handles together using your inner thigh muscles as you exhale. Try not to use your knees. Inhale and slowly release to starting position.


With the yellow hinge facing the ceiling and the handles pointed down, rest your elbows on the handles and place your hands near the yellow hinge. Slowly squeeze your elbows close together and exhale, concentrating on your chest muscles. Inhale and return slowly to the starting position.


You can work your triceps muscles by placing one handle of the ThighMaster against your torso while the other handle is perpendicular to your body. Rest your forearm on the extended handle, but be sure your arm is bent and at your side. Hold the bottom handle with your other hand push down on the top handle using your triceps muscles. Keep your elbows at your sides throughout the exercise. Slowly return to starting position.


Lying on the floor with your knees bent, place one handle of the ThighMaster between your thighs. The yellow hinge should be pointed toward the ceiling and the other handle should be in front of you. You will be using your abdominals to push the handle toward your knees, keeping the other handle between your thighs. To execute the move, grab the handle and lift your shoulders to curl your upper body toward your knees as you exhale, pressing your lower back into the floor and squeezing your abdominals. Inhale slowly as you bring your torso back down.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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