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Theraband Tubing Exercises

By Steve Brachmann

Since 1978, the Theraband brand of elastic resistance exercise products has been offering inexpensive personal fitness equipment. Theraband tubing is composed of natural rubber and offers exercisers the ability to perform a wide array of exercises with minimal equipment. Available in six different resistance levels, Theraband tubing can be fitted to your body's natural physical ability.

Theraband Tubing Benefits

Theraband tubing offers the health-conscious individual many benefits. The bands allow one to perform a wide variety of stretches and exercises to work out the entire body without purchasing an entire home gym. This is because Theraband tubing is elastic resistant, which means that it provides force when stretched out further than its natural state. This makes Theraband tubing lightweight and portable, and reduces the risk of injury associated with free weights while offering the same strength gains that can be achieved from more expensive home gym equipment. The American Physical Therapy Association has granted Theraband products its full endorsement for rehabilitation and strength training.

Hamstring Curl

Tie a knot with your Theraband tubing, creating a small loop, to perform a hamstring curl. Lie down on your stomach and wrap the tubing around your feet so it is touching the middle of both your sole and the top of your foot. Keep your left leg straight and bend your right knee so that your foot starts reaching for the sky. Stretch your Theraband tubing with your feet until it refuses to stretch further. Hold this pose for ten seconds, again working against the tendency to arch your back. If you're not feeling a stretch, you may need to tie your tubing into a smaller loop. Lower your foot slowly, fighting against the tubing's elasticity, and repeat with the other leg.

Lateral Raise

Prepare for your lateral raise by standing on the middle of your tubing, and grabbing both loose ends of the tubing with your hands at waist level. You may want to wear shoes if the Theraband tubing begins to start hurting the soles of your feet. Holding tight to the tubing, bring your hands to shoulder level while keeping your arms straight. Lower the level of your arms if you are experiencing pain during the exercise. Keep your abdominals tight while performing this exercise. Hold for 10 seconds, and slowly return to normal.

Hip Extension and Abduction

To perform either a hip extension or a hip abduction, tie your Theraband tubing into a loop that's tied around your ankles. Make sure to tie the tubing tight enough that it stays taut with your feet placed shoulder-width apart. To perform an extension, keep both knees straight while extending one leg backwards. To perform an abduction, keep both knees straight while extending one leg outward. Keep your back as straight and aligned as possible while performing these exercises. Hold your leg in either of these positions for ten seconds. Perform one abduction and one extension on both legs.

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