Team Sports Award Ideas

By Rayzelle Forrest Young

Playing a team sport can be rewarding in and of itself, but it's always even more rewarding to receive something for the effort and time you put into it. Organizations and events that allow participants to take part in a sport activity often present awards to those participants in one way or another. If you're part of an organization or event that hosts a team sport and need to find an award to give to the participants, there are a variety of options to choose from.


Trophies are often used as sports awards. Standard sports trophies include an emblem at the top of the trophy that symbolizes what type of sport the award is for, such as a man in motion with a football in his hand, a cheerleader or soccer player. They also include the year the season took place as well as the name of the team or organization somewhere on the trophy.


A plaque is an effective award to use that can be hung on a wall. Most plaques are wooden and come in an array of wood finishes such as cherry, marble and walnut. Some sports plaque providers also have glass and plastic ones to choose from. Plaques allow you to include a photo as well as an engraving and sports-figure attachments.


Sports medals are a less-expensive way to provide an award for a team than trophies and plaques and can be ordered in bulk for a fraction of the cost. Ribbons and chains can be attached to medals so they can be worn around your neck like jewelry or hung from fixtures. Medals can be ordered with an engraved sports figure as well as have color added to them.


Ribbons are even less expensive than medals and can be ordered in any color you want. You can order pre-printed placement and sports ribbons or get them custom made to say what you want them to.


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