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How to Swim the Trudgen Stroke

By Contributor

To master the trudgen stroke, combine the arm action of the crawl or freestyle stroke with the leg action of side stroke (scissor kick).

Start in a face-down glide position.

Begin the crawl stroke with just your arms: Swing your arms from your shoulders, first one, then the other, with one arm recovering while the other strokes. Each hand knifes through the water, then sweeps down and back to your side, pushing water toward your feet.

Straighten your arm to push water back, then bend your elbow to lift and swing your arm back to the forward position.

Roll your lower body slightly, letting one hip drop below the other (whichever side feels more comfortable to you). If your left hip drops, breathe on the right side, and vice versa.

As your right arm leaves the water, take a breath.

Snap your legs together, like scissors closing, as your right arm re-enters the water.

Keep legs together and motionless as you sweep your left arm through the water. When your right arm enters the water for a new cycle, repeat the scissor kick.

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