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How to Swim the Flutter Back Finning Stroke

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The flutter back finning stroke is an easy swimming technique that can be used to move smoothy and swiftly through the water. Due to the rapid motions of your arms and legs, this is a great stroke for cardiovascular exercise. A few tips can show you how.

Place yourself at one end of the pool, facing forward and holding onto the edge with both hands. Lean back and push yourself off with your feet, gaining momentum to swim the flutter back finning stroke as you float on your back. When you push off, keep your arms close to your sides and your legs together.

Keep your head just far enough out of the water that you can breathe easily. As you gain practice and experience swimming, you will be able to relax your head and neck further into the water, gaining speed in your inverted swimming strokes.

Flutter your feet as you kick into the flutter back finning stroke. Your upper thighs and knees should be held together at all times. Point your toes and make small kicks as you swim backwards.

Hold your arms straight out at your sides next to your body. Bend at the elbows, bringing your hands up to chest level and then swing your lower arms out and down as you bring them back to your body. Your upper arms should stay as close to your body as possible as you perform the flutter back finning stroke.

Kick your feet and flutter your arms as fast as possible to keep a fast backward momentum. Be sure to stay aware of the edge of the pool so that you know when to stop and turn.

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