How to Have a Successful Cheer Dance Competition for 6-Year-Olds

By Robyn Tindle

You've just recently started up your own cheer dance club for juniors as young as six years old and you're thinking about hosting a cheer dance competition. By hosting a competition, you hope to raise the public profile of your cheer dance club. The key to hosting such an event is excellent organization and leadership skills.

Plan ahead in advance at least four months to give yourself sufficient time to organize the junior cheer dance competition.

Create a website for the store front of your cheer dance club. Advertise the competition on the website to reach a wide public audience.

Recruit other staff members or parents to join you on a panel of event organizers so that you can share the workload and delegate responsibilities. Assign specific duties to panel members such as marketing, publicity, competition program, competition entries, sponsorship and staffing.

Decide on the goals of the event and whether you want it to be just a competition or also a fund-raiser for the cheer dance club. Decide whether you want the competition to be local, national or international and plan the marketing accordingly. Note that you must apply for nonprofit status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to declare money raised and to gain tax exemption.

Schedule a suitable date in your diary for the competition such as a weekend or during a school vacation in spring or summer to increase your chances of hosting a successful competition. Holding a competition during months of inclement weather can result in low audience participation.

Find a venue such as a school gym, large community center or a public sports stadium. Try to find premises free of charge or those offering a discounted rate in return for good publicity. Book the venue once a deal has been reached.

Seek sponsorship from companies who would be prepared to donate the trophy and cash prizes in return for free advertising and raising their public profile. Seek financial aid also from funding bodies who support sports competitions.

Invite a local or national celebrity, as well as professional cheer dance coaches and competition judges accredited by the National Cheerleading Association to be on the panel of judges to raise the publicity of the event, to help draw in a full audience and to ensure the success of the cheer dance competition.

Plan how you are going to handle competition entries. Create a paper entry form or an online form (or both) to be filled in before the competition to be able to assess how many children and dance squads will be participating. Indicate a deadline for entries to avoid a last minute rush in entries or unpredictable numbers turning up on the day of the event.

Circulate posters in your local shopping mall, schools, other cheer dance clubs or schools and at the venue hosting your event. Place an ad in local, national or international newspapers and magazines. Contact your local and national radio and television stations to broadcast the news about the cheerleading competition for six-year-olds.

Plan a schedule of cheer dance competition heats and any fund-raising events that can take part during the day.

Recruit volunteers to staff the event, making sure that some members know first aid in case a child falls ill or has an injury.

Raise funds by charging competition entry fees, selling competition merchandise such as T-shirts, sweaters and gym skirts. Sell refreshments to hydrate competitors and audience members.


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