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How to Stretch a Baseball Hat

By Alicia Bodine

Baseball hats are worn by more than just baseball players. They are used for fashion or to protect a head from the sunlight. They are also worn to show team spirit or to advertise a certain brand of clothing. When you purchase your baseball hat, you are going to have to take the time to break it in. In other words, you will need to stretch it to fit the shape of your head.

Hold your baseball cap over the sink and begin sprinkling water on it until it is wet all over.

Place the hat on your head and wait for it to dry. The water allows the hat to stretch. When it dries, it will keep the shape of your head. You may want to do this for 2 or 3 days, until the hat feels comfortable on your head.

Put a small child-sized soccer ball under your hat and begin to inflate it. Stop when the soccer ball reaches the size of your head. Use a measuring tape to double check.

Place the hat in front of a heat source while it is still on the soccer ball. The heat will cause the hat to expand.

Take the hat and the soccer ball away from the heat and wait for them to cool off. When they do, take the hat off the soccer ball and wear it.

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