How to Store a Bowflex Revolution

By Catherine Chase

The Bowflex Revolution, intended for strength training, is a piece of exercise equipment with many different attachments. Before each use, inspect the equipment for frayed cables or other signs of wear and tear. After your workout, fold the adjustable arms and raise the seat rail system to store the Bowflex. It will take up less space this way; however, you may also store it without taking these steps. Before beginning any new exercise program, consult your doctor, especially if you have a medical condition.

Dampen a clean, soft cloth. Wipe down the seat, rails and other areas where perspiration can collect. Clean the machine after each use, before storing it.

Raise the adjustable arms until they reach the "0" position. You should hear them lock into place.

Grasp the pop pin and pull it out. This is located at the leg extension on the rail of the lower seat.

Grasp the handle, located to the rear, and lift the seat rail system until it settles into place. Alternatively, store it in the extended position. It will simply take up more space.

Lift the Bowflex from the back of the machine until its weight settles on its front wheels. Roll the Bowflex Revolution against a wall or into a closet to keep it out of the way.


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