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How to Stop Pulling Golf Shots

By Kevin D. Boehler

Pulling golf shots is a common problem with golfers of all skill ranges. A pulled golf shot happens when the golf clubs swing path is moving outside to inside (over the top) and the club face is square to the swing path.

Set up to the ball and check your alignment. Make sure that your feet, hips and most importantly your shoulders are all lined up at the target. When the shoulders are open or pointed left of the target, the golfer will almost always have an outside to inside swing path on the downswing which can result in a pulled golf shot.

Swing the club back making sure that your weight transfers onto your right leg. Turning the hips back and keep the knee flex that was established in the set up. This will get you set up behind the ball to make a powerful move into the downswing.

Start the downswing by shifting your weight onto the left leg, this will start the club down on the correct path and keep your shoulders and hips working together. Starting the swing with the shoulders promotes the outside to inside swing path the causes pulled golf shots.

Swing to a balanced finish and watch as the ball starts out on the path you are aimed.

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