Free Step by Step Instructions for Tai Chi

By Contributing Writer

Tai Chi, meaning "supreme ultimate," was once a self-defense martial art developed in China in the 1300s that has evolved into an exercise to promote health and meditation. Today, it is used all over the world and incorporates a combination of movements, mental focus and deep breathing. The steps in Tai Chi simulate a gracefully rhythmic dance that is performed in slow motion. It requires strength and mental focus to maintain a degree of balance and muscle control. Once the movements of Tai Chi are learned, it will only take about six minutes to complete.

Stand upright while keeping your body relaxed. Slightly bend your knees with and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Face straight ahead and lower your chin to your chest. Breath slowly and release all tension while focusing on pulling in air just slightly below your belly button.

Bring your hands towards your heart, pressing both hands together and squeezing the palms together. Loosen your knees slightly in order to bend them a little more. Hold this position until you feel you cannot hold it anymore. Slowly release and stand back up.

Breath deeply, lift your hands, palms together, and align them with your shoulders. Push your hands together and imagine you are pushing an opposing magnetic force between them that is preventing them from touching.

Keep your knees bent still and pull your hands slowly apart while imagining the magnetic force has changed. The force now feels as if it is pushing your hands together. Make sure to concentrate and breathe deeply while pushing your hands together and separating them a number of times.

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