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Statapult Exercise Tips

By Norah Faith

The statapult is an interesting device that is used by a cross section of commercial as well as educational institutions to measure statistical progress. This could be in the form of experiments, creation of control charts, development of basic statistics and statistical process control. It has also been used as an effective medium to enhance or teach the importance of team work as well as the cause and effect process during training modules. It is one way to get teams to apply statistical methods to the solving of issues.

Effective Use of Statapult Exercises

The statapult is effectively used by teams of four to six people. Have them decide amongst themselves who will be the shooter, who will be the spotter and who will be in charge of positioning the ball. It will be necessary for you to have two spotters as it can get difficult to ascertain where the ball will land. You will have to ensure that all members of the team are clear about how a statapult is used and how it is up to their imagination to make the best of the experiment and situation that is laid out before them.

Try and make the problem given to the participants as interesting as possible. Do not stick to cut and dry problems that students are bound to face in the commercial or educational set up. Rather, using those problems as a basis, create an interesting situation around it. Bring in a medieval theme, a modern day war theme, a hostile company takeover plot and the like.

Analyzing Statapult Exercises

There are several ways in which the analysis of statapult exercises can be conducted. This will be based on the situation that you have presented to the teams and the outcome that you are looking to analyze. There is the simple Minitab analysis which can be conducted with or without a histogram and the capability study worksheet. You could also follow the DMAIC, define, measure, analyze, improve, control model that calls for data exploration, hypothesis generation as well as cause verification. There is also a statapult data analysis for capability-based exercises.

Understanding Aspects of Statapult Exercises

When you use a statapult, it is essential that you understand all the aspects involved, especially if you are conducting a Six Sigma operation. There are various techniques for shooting, such as release motion and technique, the pull back angle measurement, ball placement in a cup and many more. The same applies to measurement techniques in terms of distance, ball impact location as well as elevation. Also pay attention to stability as well as handling the rubber bands.

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