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How to Start a Volleyball Team

By Contributor

Whether you already have some people interested in starting a team or you're looking to start from scratch, anyone can start a volleyball team, even without prior volleyball experience. Once you find interested players, learn the basics and get involved with the sport through games and tournaments, your volleyball team will be up and running before you know it.

Decide if your team is going to be affiliated with a larger institution or be an independent club. You may want to start a team as a school club, a church or other religious organization team or as a recreational event at some other community center.

Advertise for participants. Put out ads and fliers advertising the club and giving contact information and the date for an interest meeting or try-outs. You can advertise in newspapers, newsletters, online and for a wider community audience even if your team is officially affiliated with a specific community organization.

Hold a casual informational meeting where interested players can come hear about the goals and plans for the team. Announce a tryout date, if you have enough people interested.

Hold a tryout, if necessary. If you have a large group of players interested in playing, plan a tryout. Tryouts don't have to involve prior knowledge or experience with volleyball. You can create basic skills drills for players to do in tryouts and eliminate them based on performance in the basic skills that they just learned.

Raise membership fees to join USA Volleyball and become a sanctioned team. You can also find out about tournaments and official rules and regulations.

Train your team in the basics, starting with the rules and terminology.

Get your team involved with regular training exercises. Do drills in volleyball skills like serving, volleying and spiking, as well as general fitness and weight training. Have goals for individuals and the entire team to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to track team progress.

Create a name for your team and get uniforms. Even if you don't have a tournament lined up, it's fun and good team building to have team spirit and an appearance.

Get involved as a team. Look for tournaments you can participate in, or find other teams in your area willing to play recreational games with you. If you can't find any tournaments, start your own.

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