How to Start a Summer Football Camp

By John Yargo

Football training has become a year-long activity, involving summer camps and spring practices. As opposed to high school-level team practices, summer football camps are usually less strenuous on players, emphasizing technique over endurance. Pads are not worn, so contact is also limited.

Contact local sports organizations and players to ask for their endorsements. The endorsement of a celebrity athlete can lend credibility and promotional support to your camp.

Hire position coaches at colleges, high schools or the professional level to manage the camp drills. Since each coach will have a specialized knowledge of each position and can tutor players one-on-one. College coaches who want to scout prospective recruits are particularly interested in working at these camps.

Rent out fields, practice equipment like water coolers and tackle dummies and dormitories if you choose to make the camp residential. High schools often will allow summer camps to use their resources for a small fee.

Secure permission forms for every camper. In the case of injuries or other problems, these forms should give the camp management the authority to seek medical treatment.

Schedule activities for the camp. Common camp activities are 5-on-5 passing drills, linemen-specific hand drills, and route running drills.

Arrange weekly games between the camp players, evenly dividing the talent. This will liven up the campers after a few weeks of drills.


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