How to Do a Standing Full on a Trampoline

By Beth Rifkin

A standing full back flip or tuck is usually a required skill for gymnasts and cheerleaders. The skill is challenging and requires the ability to jump high and do a full backward somersault in the air before landing. Trampolines are a valuable training tool for learning the difficult move before executing the skill on the ground or other apparatus, such as the balance beam. A spotter should always be present when learning how to perform a back flip.

Step 1

Warm up by performing at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging, climbing stairs or jumping rope. Perform approximately 10 minutes of tumbling skills, such as cartwheels, handstands, backbends and back walkovers.

Step 2

Acclimate yourself to the trampoline by jumping around for five to 10 minutes. Perform skills like front and back handsprings to prepare your body for the full back tuck.

Step 3

Stand in the center of the trampoline with your feet together. Elongate your spine and contract your abdominal muscles. Extend your arms straight over your head as you slide your shoulder blades down your back.

Step 4

Swing your arms down and behind your knees as you bend your legs and extend your glutes and hips back. The move should be swift to create momentum for jumping.

Step 5

Push your feet into the trampoline to activate the springing motion, which can help you to gain adequate jumping height when first learning the back tuck. Jump up into the air, as high as you are able, while simultaneously swinging your arms above your head.

Step 6

Bring your knees as high and close in to your chest as you are able as soon as you are in the air. Wrap your arms around your knees and lift your hips to rotate into a backward somersault.

Step 7

Land with your feet flat on the trampoline, knees bent and arms extended over your head. Create as little bounce as possible when landing. The trampoline will cushion your landing when you are first learning, but remember that eventually you will want to be able to execute a stable landing on the ground.

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