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What Is the Standard Length of a Golf Club Driver?

By Thomas Silvers

Is there a standard length for golf club drivers? This is a question that some golfers have but find difficult to answer. It's an important consideration if you're thinking of buying custom-fit clubs.

Standard Driver Length

There is no precise industry standard for the length of a driver. Each golf club manufacturer performs exhaustive research to find a standard length and the "standard" given here is the what they have determined.

Typical Length

The typical length for a driver for a male is 44.5 inches for a graphite shaft and 44 inches for a steel shaft. The typical length for a driver for a female is 43.5 inches for graphite and 43 for steel.

Reason for the Difference

Graphite-shafted drivers are longer because graphite weighs less than steel. A longer shaft produces longer shots, and since graphite is lighter, manufacturers are able to make the club longer while keeping the same swing weight.

How It Is Determined

The length of a driver is calculated from the end of the grip to where the back of the club meets the ground.

Custom Fitting

The standard length is typically appropriate for the average golfer. However, if you feel your driver (or any club) is the wrong length, many golf courses provide custom fitting for all clubs.

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