Sportline 360 Pedometer Instructions

By Brad Chacos

Losing weight be a difficult task, and without a solid support system many people end up discouraged and quit. Some turn to pedometers for support, but basic versions only count steps and lack any customization options. Sportline's 360 Total Fitness pedometer helps keep walkers on track by first allowing users to input their personal stride and weight measurements, then providing statistics on their step, calorie, time, speed and distance totals on simple-to-read double-screen LCD display.

Step 1

Input your average walking stride length into the pedometer prior to using it. Walk 10 strides, measure the distance traveled, then divide it by 10 to determine your average stride. Press "Mode" until "Step" is displayed, then hold the button for two seconds. The display flashes. Push the buttons with the up and down arrows to set your average walking stride.

Step 2

Calculate your average running stride the same way you calculated your walking stride. Input it the same way you did the walking stride, only press the "Mode" button once more to enter the running interface while the display flashes.

Step 3

Set your weight. Press the "Mode" button until the display enters calorie mode. Hold the "Mode" button for two seconds. The display flashes. Press the up and down arrows until the number on the display matches your weight.

Step 4

Set the time. Press "Mode" until "Time" is displayed. Hold the button for two seconds to enter input mode and watch the display. Press the up arrow once to set the clock in 12-hour mode, or the down arrow once to set the clock in 24-hour mode. Press the "Mode" button again to set the time, using the up and down arrows to adjust the hour and minute settings respectively.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Reset" button for five seconds to change the display from miles to kilometers. Repeat the procedure to change back to the initial setting.

Step 6

Press the "Mode" button to cycle between the now-set options on the pedometer.

Step 7

Press and hold the "Reset" button for two seconds while in "Step" mode to reset the Sportline 360's step counter to zero.

Step 8

Clip the pedometer to your belt or pants, midway between your groin and hip. Keep the pedometer level at all times for it to work properly. Shut the protective flap when you want the unit to calculate your steps -- only the display works while the flap is open.

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