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How to Spin a Rifle as a Color Guard

By Contributor

Rifle spins require split-second timing and precision. Executing spins requires an understanding of the fundamentals and years of practice. Once you get the hang of it, rifle spins can add a new level of excitement to any color guard routine. Read on to learn how to spin a rifle as a color guard.

Do a Right Hand Rifle Spin

Hold the gun with the small end, or nose, pointed toward the left. Your left hand should be on the nose, with the palm facing down. Your right hand should be on the neck with your palm facing up.

Push the nose down with your left hand as you twist your right wrist, spinning the rifle around in your hand but releasing your grip.

Tighten your grip with your right hand after the rifle spins, so that your hands are in the same place they were at the beginning of the spin.

Spin a few more times, then try a drop-stop on your last one.

Switch hands while the rifle is airborne and catch the nose in your left hand, while placing your right on the top of the butt end.

Do a Left Hand Rifle Spin

Hold the rifle with your left hand palm up about 10 inches from the end of the nose and your right hand on top of the rifle neck.

Push down with your right hand as you twist with your left, releasing your grip as the gun spins in your hands.

Spin one last time then try a drop-stop. Switch the position of your hands while the rifle is airborne so that your left hand is palm down on the nose and your right hand is palm up on the neck.

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