The Specs of a Taylor Made Shaft

By Justin Johnson

Taylor Made Golf produces golf clubs that are used by both touring professionals and weekend golfers alike. One of the most popular driver models offered by Taylor Made in 2010 is the R9 SuperTri. The shaft options that are offered for Taylor Made R9 SuperTri drivers each present golfers with an alternative way to optimize the performance of their driver.

Fujikura Motore 60

The Fujikura Motore 60 is the stock shaft option for the R9 SuperTri driver. This shaft weighs 59 grams and has a butt (grip end) diameter of .600 inches. This butt diameter will dictate that grips with a .600 inch diameter be used to ensure proper grip sizing. The Motore 60 also has has a strong torque rating of 3.5 for M and R flex and 3.4 for S and X flex. Shaft torque is a rating that measures the amount of lateral shaft twisting at the clubhead during the golf swing.

Mitsubishi Fubuki 63

The Mitsubishi Fubuki 63 shaft is a custom shaft option offered by Taylor Made for the R9 SuperTri. This shaft weighs 63 grams and has a butt diameter of .600 inches for R and S flex and .605 inches for X flex. The torque rating on the Fubuki 63 is a very strong 3.1 for R and S flex and 3.0 for X flex. This shaft will produce a boring, mid-trajectory ball flight.

Matrix XCON 5

The Matrix XCON 5 shaft is a custom shaft option offered for the R9 SuperTri. This shaft weighs 54 to 59 grams, depending upon the flex. The shaft features a relatively weak torque rating of 4.5. The butt diameter of the Matrix XCON 5 is .600 inches. This shaft will produce a high ball trajectory, making it a good shaft option for those that want to hit a higher trajectory, higher spin rate driver.


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