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Specifications for a ProForm 730CS

By Jolie Johnson

The 730CS is an older model of in-home treadmill built by ProForm. It is no longer available new, although consumers may find used models at online auction sites or garage sales. The 730CS offers some advanced features such as iFit technology, preset workout programs, a power incline ramp and two programming modes.


The ProForm 730CS can handle speeds up to 10 mph. You can adjust the speed by .1 or .5 mph increments. The walking deck inclines between 1.5 and 12 percent, adjustable in .5 percent increments. The belt on the 730CS is maintenance-free--you don't have to regularly lubricate it as you do most treadmill belts. The maximum user weight capacity is 250 pounds. The 730CS treadmill runs on a 120-volt grounded outlet that is on a dedicated circuit.


The ProForm 730CS has a cushioned walking deck to help protect your joints from excessive stress when running at high speeds. The inner handlebar has heart-rate sensors. Grab and hold the metal components for about 15 seconds and your heart rate, measured in beats per minute, will display on the console. The deck folds-up to a vertical position and has wheels so you can store it in a separate room or a closet.


The console on the 730CS has four windows that display your workout data. The top-left window shows your total laps and distance in miles. The top-right window shows the approximate total calories and fat calories you have burned. The bottom-left window shows the elapsed time, inline and segment time. The bottom-right window displays your speed in mph and pace in minutes per mile. A large lit track, which represents a quarter-mile, offers a visual of your progress. The track lights up in sync to the distance you've traveled. When you complete a quarter-mile, the track goes dark and starts over.

Programming Modes

In manual mode, you control the speed and incline using the buttons on the console. In programming mode, you select one of the six built-in workouts that control the incline and speed settings for you. The 730CS breaks the workout into one-minute segments each with a different incline and speed setting. You can also hook the treadmill up to your stereo or computer and play workout CDs using the iFit technology. You have to purchase the CDs separately.

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