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Specifications for the Hoyt Vortec Bow

By Julie Duncan

Knowing what specifications you need in a compound bow can save you time when you're looking to purchase a new bow. The Hoyt Vortec compound bow was last produced in 2002 and, according to a 2007 article in "Outdoor Life," was considered one of the quietest bows in the world.

Size and Weight

The Hoyt Vortec compound bow weighs just under four pounds and has an adjustable draw weight of 60 to 70 pounds. The draw length of the Vortec is 26 to 28 inches with a brace height of 6.75 inches and an axle-to-axle length of 36 inches.


The Vortec came with three different limb options: XT2000, XT3000 and ZR 200. The XT2000 limbs are 36 inches between axles and used for speed and maneuvering. The XT3000 option had the same speed and maneuverability as the XT2000, but added an additional three inches to the length of the bow between the axles. The ZR 200 limb option had a solid glass design and measured 36-1/2 inches between axles. According to Hoyt, their limbs are designed with Uniform Stress Distribution to transfer energy evenly throughout the limbs. Hoyt claims this distribution of energy makes the limbs more durable and faster.


Other features of the Hoyt Vortec compound bow include a release speed of 315 feet per second, a low wrist grip with wooden side plates, wrist strap and adjustable pin sight. An option package can also include alpha shock limbsavers, a stabilizer and peep sight.

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