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Sole Vs. Nordic Track Elliptical Machines

By Kimberlee Leonard

Elliptical machines have become very popular gym and home fitness machines. The reason is that they are a convenient way to get a good workout without the user having to be exposed to the elements. In addition, elliptical machines reduce the stress on your knees and back, reducing injury frequency. Nordic Track is one of the pioneers of elliptical fitness machines, while Sole is a newer fitness machine brand.

Nordic Track Fundamentals

Nordic Track has been around since the 1980s, creating popular home and gym fitness equipment. As of 2009, Nordic Track offers a variety of elliptical trainers and is one of the most popular brands according to AllEllipticals.com, a website that reviews every brand of elliptical equipment. The elliptical machines offered by Nordic Track are considered mid-range elliptical machines designed for consumers.

Sole Fundamentals

Sole introduced its line of elliptical trainers to the market in 2001. The company has been producing treadmills for more than 20 years and is considered a niche supplier for hotel chains such as Hilton and Omni. As a result, this equipment tends to be more durable and more expensive than Nordic Track.


Nordic Track offers an economical way to have a home fitness machine. Users and professional trainers find the display and incline adjustments highly beneficial. With the Nordic Track, you can have a solid low-impact workout that continues to "motivate" you to keep working out according to AllEllipticals.com.

The Sole elliptical machines are considered more substantial machines with higher weight capacities for all models. These come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a five-year warranty on parts and labor. Trainers like the gear ration that provides a more effective workout and heart rate monitor that is easy to understand.


Nordic Tracks are not known for their durability according to EllipticalTrainers.com reviews. They recommend purchasing an extended warranty for parts and labor with these machines.

Sole machines are more difficult to find and may need to be ordered. These are more expensive investments.

Price Ranges

The Nordic Track offers models starting at $600 and going up to $2,600. The more expensive models offer more programs to vary your training and increased resistance with a higher weight limit for the machine. You can also adjust the stride length up to 18 inches on the higher-end models to customize your workout to your leg length.

Sole elliptical machines start at $1,000. They offer only four models that top out at $2,700. The difference in price with Sole models is with the footprint and computer readings. All their models have a 20 inch stride length with 20 levels of resistance.

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