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How to Soften a Baseball Glove

By Curtis Fease

Breaking in a baseball glove will provide the best performance. It can be done with a few simple and inexpensive steps.

Soften a Baseball Glove

Start out by buying a good-quality glove.

Take the glove oil and apply a small amount to the dish towel (or another soft cloth). Most glove manufacturers sell their own glove oil, but such products as foam shaving cream, mink oil or saddle soap can also be used.

Use the dish towel to thoroughly rub the product you've chosen all over the glove. Excessive amounts of the softening product may actually damage the glove.

Allow the glove to dry overnight. Afterward, take a dry cloth and wipe your glove all over.

Use the glove as much as possible. That is the best way to soften the glove and form a pocket for the baseball to land in.

Place a baseball in the pocket of the glove. Take your rubber band (or string, belt) and wrap it tightly around the baseball glove so the glove is closed in on the ball. Allow the glove to sit like this for two days.

Resume using your glove everyday after completing Step 6. Every night for at least two weeks put the baseball in the glove as described in Step 6.

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