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How to Get Skinny and Toned Arms

By Contributor

When a woman picks up weight, you can easily tell by the size of her arms. Most women talk about wanting skinny and toned arms. Learn how you can effectively lose arm fat to obtain skinny, toned arms that you can show off!

Obtaining toned and skinny arms sounds nice, doesn't it? Well, there are two elements when trying to achieve this goal: weight loss and weight training.

In order to for you to get toned, sexy arms, you MUST watch what you eat. Main foods to get skinny arms involves vegetables, fresh fruits, lean meat, nuts and seeds, low carbohydrates, and skim dairy.

Exercise plays a big role in helping you obtain those lovely arms you want. If you have a good workout and diet plan that allows you to burn fat as well as working out the muscles, you will definitely boost your results. A combination of a good diet and workout is crucial. Try walking or running for 30 minutes every day. This will help your body fasten the fat burning process.

When working out for toned arms, make sure to avoid using heavy weights. Using heavy weights will help gain muscle. Although toning your arms means building muscles, you want to use lighter weights to avoid excess size. Most women find using 8lb dumbbells sufficient to toning their arms.

Drinking lots of water will help flush out toxins in your body that causes you to get fat. Drinking 8 glasses of water will help obtain the arms you want!

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