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How to Do Ski Steps

By David Kazmer

If you're looking to add a great cardiovascular exercise to your fitness routine, then ski steps is a solid option. The movement in ski steps simulates cross-country skiing. However, the exercise can be done almost anywhere, and you don't need any ski equipment. And it's not necessary to be anywhere near snow — unless you just want to be.

Step 1

Stand upright, hands at sides, feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2

Jump your right foot forward a step and your left foot back a step (go as far as you feel comfortable) and simultaneously swing your left arm forward and your right arm back behind you.

Step 3

Reverse the action by jumping your left foot forward and right foot back while simultaneously swinging your right arm forward and left arm back.

Step 4

Repeat the motions continuously, in alternation, for a set amount of time or number of repetitions.

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