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How to Size Ping Golf Clubs

By Wendy Roltgen

One of the best ways to improve your golf game is to use golf clubs that are properly sized for your height and swing. PING uses a five-step fitting process to help golfers of all playing levels get custom-fitted golf clubs. The PING fitting process determines the appropriate shaft length, club angle, flex and grip to fit your needs.


Find a PING authorized club fitter. Using a questionnaire developed by PING, the fitter will work with you to determine your desires for new clubs, undesirable shot patterns you'd like to address, and your current likes and dislikes regarding your current clubs.

Determine your height, hand size and wrist-to-floor measurement. The measurements are used by the club fitter to determine your club and grip size as defined by the PING Color Code Chart. The color chart includes fitting variables for grip size and club length.

Complete the PING Dynamic Swing Test. The Dynamic Swing Test helps the fitter better understand your swing and club head position when the club makes contact with the ball.

Work with the PING fitter to complete an analysis of ball flight. By using a variety of clubs, the fitter will help you find the right PING Golf Clubs to help you achieve optimal distance when hitting the ball.

Work with the fitter to determine your PING Golf Club options. Discuss the features and benefits of each club type. Choose and order the PING Golf Clubs that match your club specifications and budget.

Monitor your club performance over time. PING fitters can monitor your swing periodically to determine whether your clubs are working properly or whether adjustments are needed.

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