How to Size New Balance Shoes

By W. Nicole Barclay

New Balance makes athletic footwear with a focus on arch support. The company's footwear includes the full range of standard women's and men's sizes and widths, ranging from 4A to 6E. Since athletic performance can be directly related to footwear, learning how to properly size New Balance shoes is important before you make a purchase.

Put on a pair of athletic socks towards the end of the day, or after exercise, when feet are largest. Sit in a chair and place your foot onto a piece of plain white paper. Use legal paper or place the sheet diagonally if your feet are large.

Trace the full outline of your foot onto the paper. Allow the pencil to remain in constant contact with the edges of your foot during the process and hold the pencil straight up and down. Repeat with the other foot.

Measure the outline of the drawing of your foot. Hold a ruler across the longest two points from front to back. Reduce this number by 5mm, or 1/5 inch. Note the measurement on the side of your paper. Measure from left to right at the widest part of your tracing. Reduce this number by 5mm, or 1/5 inch. Repeat with the other foot.

Use the length measurement, in inches, to determine American shoe sizing appropriate for New Balance shoes. These numbers are equivalent to standard sizing labels. Use the larger of the two measurements if your feet differ in size. Bring your measurements to a New Balance retail location or compare your width measurements to a sizing chart on the New Balance website to determine whether you need a special width.

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