How to Size Golf Clubs for Kids

By Jessica Jewell

Golf is an excellent sport for both physical and mental development. It is also one that you can learn as a child and play throughout your life. Although golf is not considered a dangerous sport, it is important to choose the right size golf clubs for children. Choosing the right size not only will prevent injury to others that could occur when swinging a golf club that is too large for a child, but also prevent injury to the child's back and hands. With the correct measures and recommendations from a golf pro, you can size golf clubs for kids.

Measure your child's height. While golf club sizes may vary slightly depending on the child's experience, the best way to get accurate sized golf clubs is to rely on the child's height.

Consult the club manufacturer's size chart if you are buying a specific brand of clubs. You can also consult the online chart provided by Clubmaker. Take note of the type of club that you want to buy, as different lengths will apply depending on the child's height. For example, if your child is 3 feet tall, he will need a 26.5- to 27.5-inch wood, but he will need a 21- to 22-inch 9-iron.

Select clubs that are slightly longer than what is recommended for his height. This is especially important if your child is quickly growing. Unless you want to replace your child's golf clubs every season, buy them slightly longer than recommended for his height; then you can wait several seasons before purchasing new clubs.

Ask for advice from a golf pro at your public or private golf course. The pro can evaluate your child's skill and swing and can help you determine the best length and brand of golf clubs for your child.

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