How to Size a Catcher's Mitt

By Christopher Michael

Pro baseball players lovingly call a catcher's equipment the "tools of ignorance." It's a thankless job, taking a beating from foul tips, long back-swings and cleat-first slides. The mitt is your first line of defense. Make sure it fits.

Circumference Measured in Inches

Catcher's mitts contain stiff, thick padding with closed, tight webs, designed to take a violent pounding from high velocity pitches. Catchers like snug fits for ball control, framing pitches and quick throw-hand transfers to gun down base runners. The tough padding takes weeks to break in, so it's a good idea to buy the mitt a month or two before you need it. Sizes are listed in inches -- a measurement of the circumference of the open mitt -- and can usually be found stamped onto the glove. Kids can start with a 29.5- to 30-inch glove, while adult mitts usually measure between 32 and 34.5 inches. Each company cuts a different glove, so you won't know if it fits properly without trying it on.


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