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Simple Basketball Drills for Girls

By Ruth O'Neil

Many girls like to play basketball in middle and high school. Some of those girls look forward to getting a basketball scholarship to help them pay for college. You can give your team the best coaching you can by giving them simple basketball drills to perform each practice. Basketball drills help girls to react quickly during the game when it truly counts. Having the girls do drills also helps prevent injuries during the game.

Basket Races

Divide your girls into two even teams. Give the girls each a number. Use the same numbers for both teams, so each girl has an opponent to race with. For example, assign teams of five girls the numbers one through five. Place two basketballs in the middle of the court and call out one of the numbers, such as three. Both girls that are No. 3 race out to the middle of the court, grab a ball, dribble back to their basket and shoot. The first girl to get a basket earns a point for her team. Encourage the teammates to cheer the girl on to get her used to the noise and the pressure. This drill helps the girls not to crack when shooting the ball during the pressure of a real game.

Maze Drills

Develop the girls’ ball handling skills by creating a maze on the basketball court. Set up different objects, such as other players, chairs, cones, etc. Instruct the girls to run through the course, dribbling the ball and switching hands when necessary. Time the girls to see who can run through the maze the fastest while continuously dribbling. If she loses control of the ball, send the girl back to the beginning of the maze.

Speed Drills

Practice the importance of speed with the girls. Everyone stands in the middle of the court, forming a circle around the coach. Make sure each one of the girls has a basketball and the coach has a softer ball to throw at the “target.” The coach hollers out one of the names of the girls and throws the soft ball into the air. The called girl catches the soft ball while the remainder of the girls dribble their balls as far away from her and as fast as possible. When the called girl catches the soft ball, she can take three steps to the nearest teammate and throw the soft ball. If she hits her “target,” the two trade places and exchange balls. If not, the called girl is in the middle of the circle.

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