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How to Sign Up to Wrestle in the WWE

By Katie Duzan

In the wrestling world, the leading company is, without a doubt, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., otherwise known as the WWE. Little boys grow up dreaming of being a wrestler for the WWE, watching the television show and practicing their moves with their friends. Landing a job with the WWE is no easy task, requiring commitment to the sport of wrestling and to developing stage and acting skills.

Join a wrestling academy. Find an academy close to home to attend. Learn all the moves, and make sure to be very technically correct in fights. This is a good time to take a hard look at skills. Only the most talented wrestlers work for the WWE, so do an honest assessment. If you're not at the top of the class, consider a different career.

Work hard. So many wrestlers want to be a part of the WWE that they only take the best of the best. Not only does the talent have to be there, but also the discipline and desire. To get in top shape, sacrifices in both social and personal lives are necessary. Remember that working for the WWE will require these sacrifices also.

Get registered at the Ohio Valley Wrestling school. The Ohio Valley Wrestling School (or OVW) is a talent pool for the WWE. While the WWE occasionally gets wrestlers from other places, OVW is where the majority of their wrestlers come from. Training at the OVW starts with a beginner's class that is open to anyone interested in pro wrestling. It is a thirteen week boot camp, and at the conclusion athletes are either invited to the intermediate class to continue their training, or told to go home. The intermediate class lasts one year, and only the top athletes get invited back to the advanced class. These advanced wrestlers go on to star in WWE and other professional wrestling programs.

Be both an entertainer and a fighter. The WWE is a mixture of theater and wrestling. So wrestlers must be technically correct in their wrestling moves, and be able to put on a show for the audience. Both qualities are important to be a WWE wrestler.

Sign on with a promoter. A promoter gets wrestlers noticed. They put on fights, getting wrestlers publicity and giving them a foot in the door of the industry. When a promoter within the WWE sets up a fight, the WWE watches closely to evaluate the competing wrestler's potential for their wrestling fights. Win the fight, and perhaps most importantly, put on a good show for the audience.

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