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How to Sign Up for Little League Baseball

By Contributor

Little League is a great option for children. Playing an organized, team sport can combat obesity, improve self-esteem and help a child relate to others. Little League is also a great way to encourage parental participation, whether through coaching or just cheering on the sidelines. Read on to learn how to sign up for Little League baseball.

Choose a Program

Find what Little Leagues are closest to you. Ask around, look in a phone book or visit the Little League website for a locater. See the Resources section below for a link.

Ask the parents of your child's friends if they are part of a Little League program. Your child may want to join the same league. Experienced parents will also have valuable advice for you on your decision.

Visit the Little Leagues in your area. Depending on where you live, your choices can be few or many. Not all Little Leagues are the same. The quality of the fields and the safety of the neighborhoods can differ greatly, so seeing these places in person is vital.

Decide which Little League is best for you. After speaking with the coaches, review the registration costs and pick the one you want.

Sign Up for Little League Baseball

Find out when your Little League of choice begins their season. Most leagues start in spring, but exact dates differ from place to place.

Sign your child up according to his age group. Little League divisions are set up by age. For example, the Minors division is for children ages 8 to 10 and the Majors is for children 10 to 12.

Pick up a registration form at the Little League or print one out online from the Little League website. You will need to turn this form into the league during registration.

Turn in the registration form and payment to your Little League of choice and get ready for some baseball.

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