Sign Ideas for a WWE Wrestling Event

By Tom Ryan

When you score tickets for a World Wrestling Entertainment event, show some support for your favorite wrestler. For some people, simply showing up and cheering is enough. For the diehard fans though, true support means making a homemade sign to display at the arena. By demonstrating some creativity and initiative, you can make your WWE sign the best at the match.

Get Creative

Show some creativity not just in the content of your sign, but the presentation. Decorate your sign with bold, dark markers that will show up on camera. Use glitter and aluminum foil, which will shine when they catch the light in the arena. Coordinate with friends and each of you make a sign with a single letter that when raised, creates a phrase. Not all signs have to be simple messages written on poster board. Experiment with different mediums, such as large dolls or flags with messages written on them. Review the arena's restrictions on what you can bring in with you.

Find the Humor

Make your sign as entertaining as the antics that go on at a WWE event. Performers in the WWE are known for their vicious rivalries, feuds, taunts and catchphrases; so use this to your advantage. Don't just write your favorite wrestler's catchphrase on a sign -- instead, turn his opponent's catchphrase into something foolish or insulting. Don't be afraid to insult, degrade or make light of another wrestler. They mock each other in the ring, so joining in from the stands is perfectly acceptable.

Bad Ideas

Keep your sign relatively clean by avoiding serious vulgarity, language or sexually explicit content on your sign. According to its website, the WWE is committed to producing family-friendly programming. While some of its shows -- including signs in the audience -- include suggestive language or behavior, the WWE “wants fans to have fun at [its] live events but [does] not condone rude and boorish behavior.” If the WWE deems your sign inappropriate, officials may confiscate it.

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