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Sign Ideas for Basketball Games

By Kim Nunley

Designing and making signs to bring to basketball games allows you to creatively cheer on and convey your support to a friend, family member, favorite athlete or team. When you’re figuring out what your sign will say or look like, think minimal, because you want to be sure you’re able to write the letters and numbers or draw the pictures large enough for fans and players to easily understand. Use poster board and an array of craft materials, like markers, glitter, paint, glue and construction paper, to incorporate your team’s colors. Keep in mind that dark colors over light ones are easier to see from a distance. Also, make sure the message of your sign appropriate for the ages and level of play of the game you’ll be attending.

Coming up With a Good Sign

When figuring out what to do with your sign, begin by deciding on who or what your sign will focus. If you have a particular player you’re rooting for, try to create a slogan that plays on that player’s name or you could write the player’s name vertically and create a slogan written horizontally that incorporate each of the individual letters in her name. If you’re going to sit directly behind a basketball hoop, your sign could cheer your team or provide a distraction for an opposing player shooting free throws. If the game you’re attending is going to be on television, you may want to incorporate the broadcast company’s name to see if you can get some attention from the cameras. Consider your team’s mascot and perhaps the opponent’s mascot and see if you can interweave their characters into a funny slogan. Keep in mind that if you can’t think of anything, you can’t go wrong putting your favorite player’s number or name on your sign.

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