How to Do a Shoulder Lift Test

By M.L. Rose

If you want to assess your fitness level, certain characteristics are fairly easy to measure. To test the strength of different muscle groups, for example, just see how much weight you can lift. Testing your flexibility level is more difficult, unless you know how to perform specific flexibility tests. The shoulder lift test assesses shoulder flexion, which occurs when you lift your arms straight up in front of your torso. Perform the test to find out whether you need to add more shoulder stretches to your fitness routine.

Step 1

Warm up for about 10 minutes. Do some light aerobic activity and a few dynamic shoulder stretches, such as arm swings or circles.

Step 2

Lie face down on the floor and extend your arms straight out in front of you, about shoulder-width apart, so your arms are aligned with your torso and your palms face the floor.

Step 3

Grasp a ruler or a similar straight object in both hands. Keep your arms extended with your elbows locked and your wrists straight. Place your chin on the floor and keep it there throughout the test.

Step 4

Lift your arms straight up, without bending your wrists or elbows, while you keep the ruler parallel with the floor. Have a training partner measure the distance from the bottom of the ruler straight down to the floor.

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