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How to Shoot a Basketball with the Left Hand

By krislarsen

This exercise can be done to strengthen your inside shot with your left hand or non-dominant hand. The ability to shoot a short jumper with your non-dominant hand can often be a game-winning shot or the chance to over take a defender. By strengthening the skills of your left hand with both dribbling and shooting, you leave your defender wondering which way you are going to go and doesn't allow them to trap you as easily.

Learn to Shoot Left-Handed

Perfect the left-handed layup. If you can do this without thinking, it means you can take a step back and further strengthen your shot.

Start at the bottom of the key slightly to the left of the hoop. Keep your right hand behind your back and start shooting with your left hand. This should feel slightly easy as it is almost the same motion as a layup.

When this starts to feel natural, add your right hand to guide the ball. When this starts to feel natural, add a jump stop shot at the bottom of the key. Make sure to keep your left hand as your dominate hand.

Continue practicing this until you feel you can shoot a close shot with your left hand during a game.

To continue strengthen this shot, step farther back and start at Step 2 again. This will allow you to start making hook shots or jump shots in the key.

Get More Left-Handed Shooting Practice

Laying on your back, bring the ball up to a shot position with your left hand.

Keeping your elbow in and directly above your shoulder, extend your arm and flick your wrist as if you'd be shooting.

To see if you are shooting the ball correctly, if the ball has a backspin it means it came off your hand correctly.

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