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How to Shallow Dive

By Contributor

From the side of the pool, swing your arms out and push off with your legs. Enter the water at a shallow angle for limited penetration.

Stand at poolside and grip your toes on the edge. Your feet should be about six inches apart.

Bend at your knees and waist. Reach your arms down to the side of the pool, but keep your gaze on the opposite side of the pool.

Swing your arms up in back of your body almost to shoulder level; then reverse and swing them forward.

Thrust forward with your legs and push off with your toes. Spring off and out from the wall.

Leap forward parallel to the water, stretching your arms far out in front of you and your legs behind you.

Drop your arms and head slightly just before you reach the water so that you strike the water at a shallow angle.

Glide just below the surface of the water until you feel your speed begin to diminish.

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