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How to Sew a Patch on a Karate Uniform

By Faith Schuster

Need to sew a patch onto a karate uniform? The process of attaching a patch to karate attire is easy and straightforward and can be accomplished in a just a few minutes with basic hand sewing skills and sewing supplies.

Sewing a Patch on a Karate Uniform

Decide where on the uniform you want the karate patch. After you have chosen the location, use two to three round head pins to secure the patch to the uniform. The pins should be placed directly in the center of the patch. Have the sharp edge of the pin pointing towards the inside of the patch rather than towards the outer rim of the patch. Doing so helps prevent you from accidentally sticking or scratching yourself on the pins.

Choose a sewing needle that has a sharp point. This is imperative as karate patches are thick and a dull needle will not be able to penetrate the patch easily. Double thread your needle with thread in a color that matches the edge of patch. The thread should be as close a match as possible, so that it blends in nicely with the shades included in the patch. After the needle has been double threaded, tie a knot on the bottom of the thread and cut away excess thread below the knot.

Start sewing the patch from the inside portion of the karate uniform. By starting to sew from the inside, the knot will not be visible on the outside of the patch. Carefully hand sew the patch into place using care to keep your stitches as small and even as possible. Sew along the outer rim of the patch just before the decorative edging of the patch begins. A thimble will help, as karate patches are thick and it can be difficult to hand sew through the patch without giving the needle a stronger push.

Sew around the entire perimeter of the patch. Then tie a double knot on the inside portion of the karate uniform. Gently tug at the patch to make sure it is secure. If it appears to be loose or moves when prodded, it is not firmly attached and should be reinforced by sewing a second row of stitching around the outer rim of the patch.

Cut away any excess thread from the inside of the uniform and remove the round head pins before wearing the uniform. The patch will remain securely in place for quite some time. If the threads come loose, you can either reinforce the patch with thread or use a laundry-safe fabric adhesive from the craft store.

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