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How to Set Up the Ripcord Arrow Rest

By Scott Mytyk

Dillon, Montana-based Ripcord Rests is quickly becoming one of the most popular manufacturers of arrow rests because of several factors. Ripcord only makes one model so it can concentrate on making it well. The company claims it is the easiest to use with a wide range of windage and vertical adjustments, as well as a deep rest to keep the arrow from falling off the rest. Once the rest is set up, no other adjustments are necessary.

Step 1

Place the bow upright in a bow holder or vise. This keeps the bow steady and allows two free hands to work.

Step 2

Nock an arrow and check to see if it is at a 90 degree angle to the bowstring. If it is not, adjust the windage with an Allen wrench to achieve the desired center shot.

Step 3

Adjust the rest vertically. Place a level on the nocked arrow and adjust the rest up or down until the arrow is level.

Step 4

Remove the arrow before continuing.

Step 5

Attach the rest cord to the cable that is closest to the riser. Place the football clip around the cable and rest cord, leaving an extra inch of slack between the rest and cable.

Step 6

Start to tighten the clip but do not tighten all the way.

Step 7

Bring the bow to full draw and let down without dry-firing. The football clip should now be in the correct spot on the cable. Finish tightening it down.

Step 8

Move the rest to the up position and draw the bow again. The rest should fall when you let down on the bow string. If it does, the rest is ready to go. If it didn't drop, continue to Step 9.

Step 9

Loosen the football clip, slide it 1/8 inch down the cable and re-tighten. If the rest doesn't fall when you draw and let down this time, contact Ripcord for troubleshooting advice.

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