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How to Set Up a Magnetic Bike Trainer

By Matthew Ferguson

When poor weather conspires against outdoor cycling, indoor bike trainers provide a warm, dry alternative. The typical indoor trainer includes a heavy-duty frame, a locking cone to attach the bike, and a resistance wheel to provide road-like feel (references 1). Like other designs of indoor bicycle trainers, magnetic trainers elevate the rear wheel of the bicycle. For this reason the trainer is often used in conjunction with a riser block. The block is placed under the front wheel so that both wheels are even, allowing for a comfortable position on the bicycle.

Step 1

Unfold the magnetic trainer legs from the frame. Place the magnetic trainer on the ground.

Step 2

Check that the tips of both legs are resting evenly on the ground. The trainer should not rock back and forth. Some magnetic trainers will feature adjustable leg tips which turn counterclockwise to increase the length of the leg.

Step 3

Open the rear wheel quick-release skewer lever on your bicycle. The quick-release skewer passes through the axle of the wheel and includes a lever on the left, non- drive side of the bicycle.

Step 4

Unscrew the nut on the other end of the quick-release skewer. The nut is loosened by hand. Remove the nut.

Step 5

Slide the quick-release skewer from the axle of the bicycle wheel. Slide the quick-release skewer provided with the magnetic trainer through left side of the axle. The quick-release skewer provided with the trainer is designed to make the bicycle wheel compatible with the trainer.

Step 6

Screw the nut onto the other end of the quick-release skewer. Close the quick-release lever on the other end.

Step 7

Lift the rear of the bicycle and place the left tip of the skewer into the left side cone on the magnetic trainer.

Step 8

Close the quick-release bolt on the trainer, locking the bicycle in place. If the quick-release bolt will not fully close see Step 9. Otherwise proceed to Step 10.

Step 9

Remove the bicycle from the magnetic trainer. Loosen the lock ring on the left cone of the magnetic trainer. Turn the cone clockwise to shorten the cone and tighten the lock ring. Install the bicycle on the trainer once again, following Step 8.

Step 10

Lift the front wheel and place a riser block, if available, beneath the front wheel.

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