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How to Set Up a Bowling Team

By Michael Kozlowski

Bowling is an excellent recreational sport. You might find that you enjoy it so much that you want to join a league. Almost all leagues are team-based, which means you will need to find three or four others to join you. There are many aspects to forming a team so that it will be fun and competitive. While winning is not the most important thing, it does make the sport more enjoyable.

Establish the size of your bowling team based on the league information. Most leagues require four- or five-person teams. Determine from the league information how much each player will have to pay to play on the team. If you are really resourceful, you might be able to find a local business that will sponsor the team and defer some of the cost.

Talk to the prospective members of your team. You will need to know their skill level. This can be determined by evaluating their bowling averages. Bowlers who do not have established averages will, most likely, have to carry an entry average that has been determined by the league. In that case, you will want to find a bowler who you are reasonably sure can cover that average.

Determine if you want your team to be highly competitive or out to just have fun. It may be more important to you to be around good friends than to finish high in the league standings. Ideally, you will be able to accomplish both.

Determine your regular players. The members of the team should be reliable enough to show up regularly and on time. You also will need two or three substitute bowlers who you can call on if one of the regular bowlers cannot make it.

Set the order for your team. You will want your best bowler to bowl last. This is called the anchor position. This bowler should be able to perform well under pressure. It is also a good idea to have a steady bowler in the first position as this bowler sets the pace each frame for the rest of the team. This order can be changed weekly, so you have some options for trying things out.

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