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How to Set a Unicorn Dart Board

By Kochava R. Greene

Hanging your Unicorn dartboard at the standard height and calculating the regulation throwing line takes just a few minutes with a tape measure and hammer and nails. Remember to always hang your dartboard in a place away from foot traffic and areas where pets walk, eat, or sleep. If you live with other people, tell them when you're going to be throwing darts so that they know to skirt the area in case of missed throws.

Measure 5 feet and 8 inches up from the floor along the wall where you will hang your Unicorn dartboard and mark the spot. This is where the bull's-eye should be. Measure the distance on your dartboard between the bull's-eye and the hanger on the board. Add this measurement to the dot on the wall and mark again. This is where you will put the nail to hang the board.

Hammer in a single nail at the spot you marked for the hanger and hang the board up. Check by looking behind the board to make sure that the bull's-eye is level with the mark at 5 feet 8 inches.

Measure out from the Unicorn dartboard 7 feet and 9¼ inches. This is where the throw line will go. Mark the location of 7 feet and 9¼ inches in three places and lay the line of tape along them. To double check the distance, measure from the bull's-eye to the throwing line. The distance should be 9 feet and 7 3/8 inches.

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