How to Set Up My R7 Quad Driver With Weights

By Izzy Barden

TaylorMade designed its R7 SuperQuad driver with four ports in the club head which can be used to alter the weight distribution. This is known as movable weight technology (MWT). Golfers can use this feature to either create a natural fade or draw, or compensate for and straighten out a problematic hook or slice. The driver usually comes with a set of weights and a special TaylorMade wrench for fastening and unfastening the weights, but these items can be purchased separately if necessary.

Insert the TaylorMade wrench into each weight port in the club head and twist counterclockwise to remove the weights. Skip this step if you receive the club without weights already inserted.

Determine your desired trajectory, be it a fade, draw or neutral ball flight.

Configure the weights in accordance to your desired trajectory. If you want a fade, place the majority of the weight in the toe. For a draw, place the majority in the heel. Placing the majority of the weight in the back ports will create a straighter ball flight with a high trajectory. For a low trajectory, place equal weights at the toe and heel ports, but leave the back ports empty.

Fasten the weights into the club head by inserting the TaylorMade wrench and twisting each weight clockwise. Be sure every weight is firmly locked in place before swinging the club.

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